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Das Frühlingskind ohne Gesicht, ein falscher Feind im Kukuksnest.

GOLIATH, GOLISTERN or simply GOLI lives the artistic chaos. Be it studio sessions with his brothers, video shoots in the freezing cold winter, ludicrous sewing projects with his friends or hours of plotting in the stronghold, GOLI makes it happen.

Meistens funktioniert es, Meistens funktioniert es nicht.

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A constant experimentation with different media and an overall positive attitude towards new experiences and approaches make GOLI a contemporary artist who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Bin der Zinnmann, will ein Herz.

Whether GOLI pursues it for the "vision", low self-esteem or simply for fun, he frequently doesn't know so for himself.

His first project "MORGENSTERN" demonstrates his wide range of skills. Fashion, music, visual arts, video and photography are put to show in a desaturated overall concept.

Sind so gierig, sind verrückt.

The project revolves around loss and change, love and doubt. The interpretation and judgment is left to each observer.

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